This isn’t a new year’s resolution, it’s probably an old one.

by justbekozlowski

Sometimes I write.

I write, sometimes.

Sometimes sometimes isn’t often enough and I feel my brain filling up with so many words that I sit on the bus and look at people and wonder if they have heads filled with words. I imagine they do and then I imagine the words that different people have in their head. It’s impossible. Especially when you realise that they don’t speak English.

I have made this blog as a place to put my words, I don’t want to feel too precious about anything I put on here so if you choose to read it regularly your head may fill with words such as ‘dull’ and ‘eagle’ but that’s your head and I won’t judge what’s in there if you don’t judge what’s in mine. Okay? Okay.

There is something frightfully revealing about what you fill a blog with. I will try to vary the things I post. That way even if I feel I’m getting naked in the corner, it’s fine; that’s just my boxing tactic (watch me dance).

I digress.

Here I am, I’m in the ring with my head filled with words. This was just a few to get you going, I would give you some idea about the kind of thing you may see or read on this blog but quite frankly that would feel a bit like digging a grave for an earthworm.

Just a bit weird.