I don’t want yesterday to be the last day of my life so far.

by justbekozlowski

If today is the first day of the rest of my life, does that mean I need to mourn my old life EVERY DAY?

I try to think of making every day better than the last. This is more achievable and less tiring than being reborn every day.

I don’t have to spend time remembering how to walk, talk and hacking into my own email accounts because in theory, the person who owns it no longer exists.

My way also allows a little space for self-sabotage. If your day is going so well you start worrying that tomorrow can’t be better a) you’re probably wrong because every day is different BUT b) you can do something to bring down your day just a little bit.

Spill ketchup on your favourite trousers (just a bit).

Hide something and ‘forget’ where it is. That way, when you ‘remember’ where it is tomorrow morning, you’ll be off to a great start to the day!

Don’t get too clever. Hiding things such as keys could end in devastating consequences.


-Let’s say you hide your keys and ‘forget’ where they are.

-You go to bed.

-You sleep.

-You wake up late for work the next day.

-You forget to ‘remember’ your keys before you leave the house and pull the door shut behind you.

-You are now locked out of your house but remain completely unaware as you are now so late for work that that is all you are thinking about.

-You walk to work because you’ve missed your bus.

-It starts raining.

-You have a disappointing, frustrating and quite frankly terrible day.

-You miss another bus but decide to walk home because the weather has cleared up and maybe your day isn’t so bad after all.

-You reach your front door and remember that you forgot to ‘remember’ where you put your keys.

-You try to call a locksmith.

-Your phone has no battery.

-You knock on your neighbour’s door and ask if you can use their phone.

-Your neighbour doesn’t recognise you and their dog chases you out of your own neighbourhood.

-You run past three locksmiths who are just closing their shutters for the day but you don’t notice because it’s raining again and a mixture of water and sweat is clouding your vision and you’re still being chased by a dog.

-Eventually you give up and hope the dog will have some sort of mercy on you.

-You didn’t realise at the time but the dog turns out to be your next-door neighbour who is actually a rabid werewolf.

-Your neighbour eats you.

It could happen to any one of us.

Don’t self-sabotage.

Just have a nice day.

Be nice to taxi drivers, help strangers and for goodness’ sake don’t hide your keys.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let mantras get in the way of your life. Just be.