The selling of a telly.

by justbekozlowski

In 9 days time I will be a resident of Badalona, which means that I am starting to go through a process that feels like a snake shedding it’s skin or getting out of some wet swimming trunks because they’re going to make your trousers wet.

In other words, I’m preparing for something new. Today was a big day and I sold the faithful television that saw me and my flatmates through our last year of university. This was a tv that my flatmates, my friends and I spent a LOT of time watching and using.

Football, Man Vs Food, Countdown, Deal or No Deal, Fifa, Call of Duty Zombies. I was introduced to, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, The Office and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on that tv (amongst others).

I saw Chelsea win the Champion’s League on that television.

I spent New Year’s Day 2012 with my best friend and a Domino’s pizza lying in front of that telly. I also spent countless other days in similar states. They are countless because I fear that if I counted them, I would be judged. Also, I can’t remember…

About an hour ago I put it into the back of a strangers car and I will never see it again.

The worst thing is, we named the telly. It was called Balotelly. I didn’t even say goodbye.

I feel a bit upset there is no doubt about that. I think the main point I would like to make clear is that I also saw and witnessed all of those things through my eyeballs and brain.

Unless they go on gumtree for not enough money then I’m going to be Hunky Dory.

The things you own end up owning you, so put your fingernails on ebay and see how much you get.