The end of the start.

by justbekozlowski

So the last few months have been an exercise in self-directed study, confusion and eventually finding my feet. 


How I managed to find my feet last I don’t know. I change my socks every day. Promise.


So in the three months between finishing my degree and graduating, I got a TEFL certificate. I have discovered I am part of what seems to be a generation of TEFLers who get bored of the weather in Britain and want to go and teach English. In English but somewhere else.


It’s a wonderful idea, I am yet to put my knowledge into practice. It’s not quite as simple as speaking LOUUUD ANND SLOOOWLEY. Although I feel I’m going to have to get that out of my system at some point. 


Post-graduation involved little post and plenty of emails. That’s the way I like to do things. As a result I have managed to land a job as a conversation assistant in Badalona which I will explain more as I learn what exactly it entails. The basics seem to be that I will speak English in classes with the students and live with a Spanish family so I can learn about their culture as I teach them all about Britain.


Don’t get me wrong, there was a point when I didn’t know if I wanted to join the circus or learn how to build a wardrobe and this was after I’d got my TEFL certificate. 


Upon talking to an old friend, fantastic musician and all round top banana, he just text me saying, 


‘Tell me about it, a whole life to live and nothing to do but everything and keep on wandering under the stars.’


It’s not advice but it helped. He’s also put it into a notebook for me so I can take it wherever I go. A gift that is a response to a harmonica I gave him before he went traveling approximately four years ago. This was something that until today, I had no recollection of. It seems I was quite a nice guy at some point.


Tomorrow night I’m going to be staying at Gatwick hotel before my flight to Barcelona. I probably won’t have time to write a blog because I’ll probably get stuck somehow and end up living in the airport like that film where Forrest Gump loses his passport or something. Either that or I’ll find someone who can give me a new identity as Justin Bieber and I’ll spend the rest of my days kicking lamp posts and getting in trouble for setting a bad example.


This is the end of the start.


The opening ceremony is over, now all we have to do is everything we’ve learned so far.


For me that definitely includes packing a toothbrush.