Ta ta for now ( and thanks Lenny)

by justbekozlowski

It’s hopefully my last night in England and I’m spending it in a double bed at a hotel in Gatwick Airport.


Lenny Henry was bang on the money. It’s pretty premier.


I’ve had a shower from a soap dispenser and I have four towels just in case I want three more. Two are quite small though so I think there might be people watching me on a camera.


I’m not that gullible you perverts.


Adios Amigos, I meet my Catalan family tomorrow. My Catalamily.


If they are half as nice as the people I know from my life so far then I’ll be overwhelmed with happiness.


It’s about time I got my beauty sleep. I’ve seen pictures of Barcelona and I feel I should try and blend in a bit.


This is all assuming it doesn’t snow tonight.


If it does then most of the above no longer applies.