Not too bad in Badalona.

by justbekozlowski

This is a double blog or a blogblog I suppose. Yesterday was two days compared to my usual half days in which case it was probably actually one day.


I woke up at 3a.m and couldn’t get back to sleep as I was too awake so I walked around in a cold Gatwick then got up before I checked into my flight. I didn’t sleep on the flight and by this point I had been awake for as long as I had slept which was about four hours. This bit is getting boring.


I arrived in Barcelona at 10a.m local time and was relieved when I went to the toilet that some people in Spain are also incapable of lifting up a toilet seat and have a fondness for carving penises into toilet cubicles. Then again I was at the airport so it was probably a Brit.


After a long day meeting nice people as the day wore on there were more seats than people as they each of us was whisked away into a new home. It was like a strange orphanage in which we all wanted to leave but leave together.


When a man came looking for me I though he was a detective because they’re always looking for people but it wasn’t; it was my new headmaster. Well, my new boss. He was a nice guy and he gave me a bus pass for Monday and two maps depicting different bus routes, I still don’t really know what it all means.


I then met my family who are great although there is obviously a language barrier we are getting by thanks to the iphone. I am eager to learn Spanish and they want to learn English, we are all getting there but I need to get on with it.


I’m learning little bits every day. That’s all I can do.


I went to Badalona today, it was beautiful but they thought the weather ruined it. I will try to explain the concept of Weston-Super-Mare to them. At least their beach had sand and it was raining and sunny. Two out of three shouldn’t be sniffed at.


A lady in a bakery had wiped her flour-covered hand on the back of her trousers and she kept giving me angry looks when she found out I was English. I think she liked me.


My laptop won’t accept I’m in Spain which is strange because we both are.


Also I have pictures of Gianfranco Zola exploring a religious garden. I’ll upload them at some point. He was having the time of his life.


Anyways. TTFN X