Silly onions.

by justbekozlowski

So on Sunday I learned how to call someone ‘silly onion’ in Spanish whilst sitting watching football in a cafe by a harbour in El Masnou. It was a satisfying moment and everyone laughed.

It is my second day in the school and it is lovely, my timetable is quite sparse on Monday and Tuesday though so maybe I’ll decide for sure tomorrow.

Last night I got new laces for my boots, re-laced them and then stuck a string on the family’s electric guitar. I taught eight-year-old Mikel how to play the start of Smoke On The Water and then when he was asked to teach me a Spanish song as payment he put on a cd of disco anthems and smiled at me. I cpnsider the debt paid.

The children and teachers are all very friendly and it’s very bizarre. I think next week I will have more responsibility which is exciting.

The fact I am a Chelsea fan proves to be a challenge in making friends but at least I don’t support Real Madrid, I guess.

People here drink a lot of coffee and no one seems to shave their face much, especially the women.

I like it.