Juan Direction.*

by justbekozlowski

I have been working in a school for three days. 


I am shattered. 


My brain is filled with Spanish and hearing Catalan. 


I can’t remember anyone’s names, mainly because I can’t even say them. 


My brain is broken. 


But I love it. (Not my brain).


Catalonia has taught me a lot so far, things like if there aren’t many people around then you say ‘There were four cats’ and if there is a foul in football match then you use a word that also means onion. 


That’s my kind of logic. 


I’m going to have an evening off tonight because I spent two hours last night trying to learn Spanish. I say an evening off, all I mean is I won’t try to fit any more information in my brain before I’ve had time to think some more about what is floating around in there already. 


It’s a bit like a swimming pool that nearly needs cleaning. If anything else goes in there, it could be a serious problem. 


So make sure you don’t do any onions and if you see three cats then tell them to find a friend. They’ll have 36 lives between them.



I have Juan.


*the title is a reference to an incident today in which children had to introduce themselves to me and approximately 60 percent listed their main dislike as Juan Direction.