Week 1

by justbekozlowski

Well, it’s been a busy old week as expected and I have started to understand more Spanish. Around the house I understand a lot more than at the school because they speak mainly in Catalan. 


Progress is progress nonetheless. 


This time last week I knew Si, No, Gracias, and Lo Siento (because I say it a lot in English).


Now I’m not even going to list the words but I have a rough grasp on telling the time, days of the week, and months of the year. By the end of next week I might have a new job as a Spanish talking clock. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 


As well as lots of learning, I have done lots of helping, next week is when the teaching begins and I am in charge of helping them to produce the correct sounds. I think it will be easier said than done. 


The children at the school are sweet, they all wave and shout hello whenever they see me and they also give me the occasional high-five which is nice. 


The family are also fantastic, slowly we are speaking a combination of english and Spanish to communicate and also hand-gestures because an apple looks like an apple wherever it is. 


There is more to say it but I can do that later so for now, that’s all. 


Hasta Luego!