I can’t get no Stratisfaction.

by justbekozlowski

My first week has been busy and has allowed very little time for me to explore the school in which I work but for this next week there are two things I would like to find out. 


1) If the kids mind me joining them for a spot of basketball at break-time. 


2) Is there a room with a guitar or a piano that I can use?


I am going a bit bonkers.


I need to play some music.


I need to sing. 


I would sing in the shower but I’d wake up the children, and no one like the guy who wakes up their children. 


I will find the music teacher and pick his brains. I am sure the room I need exists. 


It doesn’t have to have a concert grand piano with ivory keys, I don’t need a Fender plugged into a Marshall stack. I just need a silent room which I can make a bit less silent. 


Be it will a piece of string tied to a tissue box or a tiny casio keyboard. I need music back in my life. 


Wish me luck. 


I also need to plan some lessons but in these situations you really need to know your priorities.