Found my keyboard.

by justbekozlowski

What a duffer. 


Today I was supposed to see some turtles. 


I didn’t.


I did sit in a big church for a bit then climb a tree with a man called Henrique who taught me the difference word for little and small in Spanish which I subsequently forgot. 


I finished ‘work’ at 12 so I went to the beach. Here are some thoughts that I had while I was at the beach. 


‘There’s no one else around so I’m trying to roll my r’s. I still can’t do it. 


One day.’


‘There are two groups of people at the beach one group are fully clothed in dark clothing for no discernible purpose. The other group look like rejects for the Southern Comfort advert which probably explains why I haven’t seen it on TV here.’


‘There’s a man who looks like he’s dead sprawled out in the sand. I don’t know how to ask if he is dead in Spanish so I’ll leave him in peace either way.’


(I later saw that the man was not dead)


‘People should appreciate life. One day they might be dead on a beach with no one to ask them if they are alive or not. Don’t be boring. Do something. Be happy.’