Happy Christmas, I mean, bless you!

by justbekozlowski

It’s been a short week of long days. Whatever that means.


This week has taught me that I need to be prepared or otherwise I need to be prepared to be unprepared which I think still counts as being prepared.


This week has taught me I need to be prepared.


To say that the students are lovely would be an understatement. They’re probably as confused as I am as to why I’m in their classroom but nonetheless, they treat me with a friendly curiosity.


The kind of friendly curiosity you greet a strangers dog with when they scare the calm out of you sleeping in the sun. ‘Oh, hello….’


There may be a new section to this blog. I intend to dabble in food criticism but only for the school dinners I am given. They are beyond words so I’ll put pictures in, too.


When I first came to Spain I expected to learn a bit of Spanish and I have done that. I am now aiming to learn a bit more.


Thursdays aren’t complete without something to think about so here goes.


Pocket watch.

A new TV concept that watches how people treat their pockets.


How do holes come about?


When is it acceptable to treat your hands like a mobile phone or a set of keys?


What size do my pockets need to be if I want to pay for three of my friends’ parking?


Is there a better way to make the pocket?


Are there enough pockets in your outfit?


Are you pocket-hogging? (No one likes a pocket-hog.)


I want to keep a mouse in my pocket like Mr Jingles from Green Mile. Should I reenforce my pockets to make them gnaw-proof?


It’s basically a bit like crimewatch but better and 12.9 times more pocketty.


You can use the word pocketty if you want to. Pockettish comes free.


Someone needs to use them.


If you can find a way to telepathically make someone leave you alone then do let me know. Every time I look in the mirror there’s a strange-looking face attached to my eyeballs.


The family I’m staying with have a broken garage door which means that they have to open it with their hands instead of a remote control. If you don’t have an electronic garage door then count yourselves lucky that you’ve sidestepped this potential nightmare of an eventuality.


Tip your bus drivers, they might lower your fare.