I got better and stopped writing but now I´m writing again and still better. The best of both worlds.

by justbekozlowski

I am better.

I celebrated by getting drunk. I am still on antibiotics but it didn´t seem to affect me that much. Saying that I did wake up with my ears bleeding and an overwhelming sense of dread.

I have promised many people letters and postcards so  this week I will be spending my spare time looking for a) envelopes b)paper and c) stamps. I also want to find a sketch book so I can draw you a picture instead of writing every day.

I like to draw pictures.

I met some very lovely people on Saturday and I was also told that I don´t seem English because I don´t have bad teeth. Probably the nicest thing someone´s said to me since I got here.

It snowed on Saturday as well.

In fact lots of things have happened, lots of things i am not going to write about. Lots of things I can´t be bothered to write about because my brain is at the bottom of a pint-glass in a dishwasher somewhere in Barcelona.

I´ll find it tomorrow.

Here´s a poem.

Drew the shrew,

Lived in a lake,

He lived off fish,

Mainly Hake,

One day Drew

Was hunting for food,

When out of nowhere came Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who ate Drew for irresponsible fishing.