Wednesday’s epiphany is Thursday’s freedom.

by justbekozlowski

On Wednesday I sat at a computer in the teacher’s room as I do at any given moment I am not in class, eating, playing games on my phone or going to the toilet (the last two are like salt and pepper if I’m being honest).


I sat there, planning a lesson and listening to music.


I was minding my own business when.




Out of nowhere, the most obvious idea came into my head.



Why don’t I do music?


‘Doing music’ is something I am yet to define and the last time I asked Oxford, they were struggling for an answer, too. But despite this. It’s the new dream.


I’m looking into it. Whether it’s a degree, an a-level or a certificate to prove I can successfully draw a crotchet, I am determined to ‘do music’.


It’s a massive work in progress but it’s one that made me realised that for a long time I have been exploring avenues as if by trial and error instead of doing something I love. The main reason I haven’t is because I didn’t want music to become a chore. Which is still a thought I hold but at the same time, the fact I don’t want to study something because I love it to much to learn more about it sort of doesn’t make any sense.


Also, I decided if I’m going to spend the rest of my days slowly going mad, which is almost certain, then I might as well make some half-decent tunes to leave behind.


As a result of this thought, my daily life has become somewhat a period of time in which I try to research more and sing more and play music more. I’m busy, but I’ll never be too busy for music. And if the dream is to be busy ‘doing music’, then let’s ruddy get down to it and ‘do music’.




As an afterthought to this somewhat self indulgent entry in a somewhat self-indulgent blog. I am going to indulge in a Spanish factoid given to e by someone who thinks they aren’t funny or interesting enough to write a decent blog. I think they are wrong and this is why.


‘Friends with benefits in Spanish is translated to ‘friends which rub sometimes’.’