Two mountains, a dog called thunder, Catalan gun threats and lemons.

by justbekozlowski

This weekend my body has been tested and it has passed. I´m a little sore but considering I have done no exercise since I´ve been here, I´m surprisingly well.

I´ve mounted two mountains.

The first was on Saturday, I´d say there was a 50/50 split between uphill and downhill walking. We were with a dog called Thunder or Tro in Catalan. He was a babe.

I was with the teachers from the school and we walked up the mountain before drinking and eating a lot.

Whilst walking I saw a man running with a horse (as you do), there was a man shouting in Catalan and I later found out that he said he had a gun and he was going to shoot us.

He didn´t.

On the way back I saw a cactus, not in a shop but just hanging out on a hill.

Then I picked lemons. Lots of lemons.

In the evening I went and sat in Mataro, had a fantastic sandwich, watched stars, discussed epilepsy and missed about three different methods of transport so I watched a lot of stars.

Next time I´ll walk home.

On Sunday I walked up another mountain without any warning. The Dad of my host family doesn´t speak much English so he just said ´Leo Messi´(referring to a wonderfully orange pair of trainers I borrow because I have none in Barcelona). So I donned the fruity beauties and we went a-walking.

It was good.

I will put pictures up later.

Later in the day we went to Barceloneta and I climbed up a big rope pyramid thing and then had close to thirty running races with an 8-year old on a scooter.

Every one was a draw. I couldn´t believe it either.

Then I ate noodles and went to bed.

I also started a motorcycle gang this weekend. We´ll be more convincing when the bikes arrive.