The Importance of Being Wong.

by justbekozlowski

On Sunday I woke up to find out my sister had given birth to two boys, I was over the moon and lying in a bed in Sopuerta in the Basque Country.

A while later I had a dream in which I was talking to a boy from my primary school on a dock about how busy I was whilst doing pull-ups on some rails and saying I needed a new dance for Strictly Come Dancing. Two Canadian girls asked me what I needed and I began to explain when I realised that I hadn´t been to work at the Rose Theatre ‘for weeks, maybe longer.’ I then saw Jules Wong and we all began to chase him to find out when I was next working because if anyone was going to know, it would be him.  He ran for a while but that outsmarted the huge mob that was now following him by pointing out to see and shouting, ‘look he´s over there!’ I knew it was him but everybody else looked and Jules walked away cool as a cucumber.

When I awoke I still couldn’t remember that I’d left this job last summer (about the same time my sister was getting pregnant), I have recently met two Canadian girls but I think perhaps the Strictly Come Dancing thing is still something I need to think about.

I spent at least three minutes on my pillow working out I hadn’t been in England for two, going on three months but I still couldn’t remember what my job was.

I’m still not sure but I am sitting in a school writing this so I probably have other things to be doing.

In conclusion, when life throws you a question you can’t answer; there is one thing to do. I will tell you this in earnest, as I understand the Importance of Being Ernest, and it’s definitely important. I read it twice it was so important.

When life throws you a question you can’t answer; Jules Wong probably knows the answer, so you should go and ask him.