Ricky Wilson.

by justbekozlowski

There was a man who wanted swan,

He told the queen ‘there’s nothing wrong

with munching down that river bird,

but The Queen, she overheard.

‘HANG THAT MAN!’ the royal cried.


And they did.


Ricky Wilson was hung on a Friday,

Then everyone got so drunk,

They forgot about the whole affair,

No one stayed to stand and stare.


But then came Monday,

It was awkward.

Ricky was still in the noose,

But a hungry pidgeon came along,

and cut poor Ricky loose.


Ricky stood up and then he screamed,

‘Thank you, you disgusting bird!’

And nobody noticed him scuttle away

He lived out his days in a comfortable cave.


Ricky Wilson has many names.

Mainly Gollum but sometimes Bigfoot,

when dear old Ricky forgets to shave.

He’s also a vegetarian to avoid future confusion.