Lucky buses.

by justbekozlowski

This is a deviation from my National Poetry Writing Month posts. The first three are sort of a sequence in case you hadn’t noticed. I like bits of them put other parts make me want to pull my eyeballs out with chopsticks. I realised yesterday that I have no idea which nation it’s supposed to be for, but my goodness, that’s not going to stop me continuing.




Last night I went to get the train as I always do from Placa De Catalunya but I didn’t think about the fact that I had never caught this train on a Friday.


I walked into the station and immediately it was strange, something was up, hardly anyone was there and the floor was being cleaned. Obviously trains had stopped.


Regardless, I went down to the platform to see if anyone had left any clues as to where I might be able to catch a train from. There were none.


I went back up.


On a bench sat a sleeping man and a girl on her phone. I did the decent thing and woke the man up.


I asked her if she knew what was going on. She had no idea either but proceeded to help me find out where my night bus went from.


This was very strange, people don’t normally just help people find buses. So I asked her why she had just been sitting on a bench.


She was waiting for a party but had time to kill. I told her she could go and sit in the dry but she just wouldn’t go away.


Finding the bus stop was a difficult process. It took in total about 15 minutes of running around in the rain. As one piece of kindness deserves another, I took my detachable hood off my coat so she could keep her hair dry. From what Spanish I understood it was a concern of hers and also no one should have wet hair when they arrive to a party.


Eventually when we found the bus stop I thanked her for all of her help and she waited with me to make sure I got on the bus.


I have no idea who this person was but I am incredibly grateful that they were early for their party, they had proficient skills on an iphone and could understand my terrible Spanish even if they were laughing at it.


At school there’s always a kid who wins stuff, not races or sports things but lucky things, and it was never me. But last night, I learned how it felt to be lucky.


I also got very wet.


Thanks life.