The fish with no names.

by justbekozlowski


There were some fish,

Who lived a while,

In a pet shop tank,

They were bought by people,

I think there were three,

Who took them home,

And made them lonely.

They didn’t name them,

Or say hello,

They looked for a while,

Then off they would go.

They played in the garden,

Away from the fish,

For lunch,

they dined on their cousins,

When no one was looking,

The fish would cry,

And wish that the people ate muffins.

But after a while,

The fish grew bitter,

They said ‘let’s make a plot’

So a plot they made,

In the tank where they stayed,

and bad idea it was not.

When the people went out to the garden,

The fish grew arms and legs,

They locked the door, from the inside,

And lived in the house instead.