A fantastic day to try something new.

by justbekozlowski

If you do the same thing every day,

The same old people come your way,

Some are nice

and some are not,

Some will take your shoes.

But today isn’t yesterday,

Neither is it tomorrow,

It’s the day that is now,

So no time must you borrow.

Buy a potato

And carve it a face,

Make a new friend,

Or run a big race,

Today is today,

It’s whatever you wish,

If you do not make it,

The same old dish.

Even if it is pizza,

With a bottle of wine,

That dish might grow old,

and make you cry.

But the things you like change

and that is okay,

What was yesterday was then,

But now it’s today.

Today is the only

Day that you live,

All the others are lost,

In time’s crazy sieve,

Some find there way down

In a gutter somewhere,

One’s on a mountain,

Tuesday fell down the stairs.

But let them lie

Wherever they fall,

They can teach you

But you cannot live them all.

Not today you can’t,

That’s just crazy,

24 hours is just not enough,

To fill right up with all of your stuff,

Like a suitcase,

You can’t fit in a giraffe,

Because when it opens,

It won’t make you laugh,

It will spit in your eyes,

And call you Deirdre,

After a while,

You will become weary.

So enjoy today,

Because it’s for you,

And it’s always fantastic,

to try something new.