My Lilo and I

by justbekozlowski

Waiting’s frustrating,

and sometimes quite grating,

For a bus or a train,

or for bed inflation.

‘Where is my bed?!’

I cry in my sleep,

For I will not wait,

but I don’t mind to weep.

I lie on the lilo,

it’s as hard as the floor,

There is no air in there,

There is no air at all.

But I lie and I dream,

Because life is too short,

But when I wake up,

It’s the first thing I’ll sort.

When I’m at work,

The same time tomorrow,

It will deflate again,

But I do not feel sorrow.

For the lilo has things,

That run out through the day,

So the poor thing just counts,

The hours away,

We wait for each other,

My lilo and I,

But despite all our waiting,

Together we lie.

I am a nightmare,

The lilo is too,

But I have no other,

To make dreams come true.

So when you lie in bed tonight,

Under your blanket,

You turn out the light,

Think of my lilo,

Waiting for me,

Because I will sleep,

And my lilo will weep,

Until I wake up,

And then it will sleep.

For our schedules don’t match,

My bed it works nights,

In the morning it sleeps,

Despite the sunlight.

I will inflate it and then

It will deflate again,

And tomorrow it knows,

It will be the same.