A place in your head.

by justbekozlowski

There’s a place in your head,

And it sometimes leaks dread,

But there’s a plug for the leak in there too.


But only you can find it,

‘Cause you know where you hide it,

But make sure it won’t fall down the loo.


There’s a place in your head,

and it can be quite sad,

But because you were happy before.


So try to remember,

The smiles that you had,

And remember, just what you’re here for.


If you’re not smiling,

When I see you next,

I think that the time will have come.


That I’ll make you a plug,

From the things that I know,

Even if it will leave me dumb.


For even if, I can’t say a word,

You’ll know just what I mean.

Your plug will be mine,

You’ll have a great time,

And our smiles will be the happiest seen.