I found myself yesterday.

by justbekozlowski

I found myself yesterday,

I was in your head,

We thought just the same,

And my skin was shed.

I showed you my bones,

You showed me yours,

Then I showed you my heart,

and all of its sores.

You understood well,

and I understood you,

And that’s not a normal,

thing that we do.

So we struck a deal,

I hope it keeps true,

That you won’t forget me,

and I won’t to you.

Because to do any more,

Would drive us both mad,

But doing a bit less,

Still makes me sad.

So this is my poem,

These are my words,

I’ll write you two worlds,

then I’ll write you a third.

As I don’t have too much,

But the thoughts in my head,

and when I tell them to you,

There’s nothing I dread,

But I can’t give you money,

As you well know,

But my wealth of time,

Is yours to blow.

So please spend it wisely,

‘Cause you never know when,

You might disappear,

And not see me again.