Marvelous weather.

by justbekozlowski

It’s marvelous weather,

To lie on the sand,

With thousands of stones,

That stick to your hand,

When you put on sun cream,

You must be aware,

That all you will touch

Will stick to you there.

It is marvelous weather,

To swig down a beer,

Ice cold and wet,

To fill you with cheer.

It’s marvelous weather,

To sit in your pants,

For if you wear much more,

The heat makes you dance.

You’ll sweat and you bet,

That you’ll suffer the sun,

And you’ll wish for no clothes,

So that you can have fun.

It’s marvelous weather,

To play the guitar,

For each string you play,

Will sing to the star.

The sun in the sky,

It watches all day,

As people get naked,

And learn how to play.