I want a trampoline.

by justbekozlowski

I want a trampoline,

That’s made out of plasticine,

I’d really like it to be green,

’cause that’s my favourite colour.


If you want a paper dish,

And that’s your only wish,

I would speak to my friend Trish,

’cause I think she has one.


We can have a barbecue,

It will be the work of me and you,

I will bounce and you will chew,

Because that’s just what we want to do.


But there will come a time one day,

When these two things might fade away,

But I know that you’re a friend to stay,

’cause you told me not to go.


But one day is the one I fear,

The time will come I won’t be near,

We won’t be able to just drink beer,

’cause I’ll already be gone.


I will miss you there’s no doubt,

There are still things I will smile about,

But just because we are not trout.

Doesn’t mean that we can’t swim.