by justbekozlowski

So it is May which means two things. Well, it means more than two things but if gives me the excuse to talk about two things in particular. Actually I’m going to make up a third because I feel that two just isn’t enough.


The first thing it means is that it is a different month to last month. Obviously.


It is no longer April, or write-a-poem-every-day-so-everyone-can-see-how-much-time-you-are-spending-slacking month as it will be called in years to come.

So this means I don’t have to write any poems but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’m aware that people from all over the shop have been reading these poems and I have taken great pleasure in sharing them with you so it is inevitable that there will be more.



Secondly, and most importantly; it is a month until my Birthday. I will be twenty-three. Which has got me thinking and thinking a lot. And you have to be careful when you’re thinking a lot because eventually you’re cheese on toast will catch alight in the grill. It is only a matter of time.


Now, this has got me thinking many things. But the main one is ‘what do I want to do before I’m thirty?’


I’ve made a suggestions to myself and as a result, if I have had a job as a lobby pianist in a hotel by that time then I will consider myself to be on the right tracks.


The problem is, I don’t plan because I can’t decide, and then I end up sauntering along like a duck on the river. Now don’t get me wrong, those ducks are doing a great job. But I don’t want to be a duck. Yo soy humano as the Spanish say.


I feel like planning things to do before I’m thirty is a bit stupid. It’s like planning which toilets you’re going to stop at on a journey when you don’t know how much water you will have drunk that day. It’s something that needs to be done, but I’ll work it out along the way. I feel this is a good plan. It is however, subject to change.


Thirdly, ham.