Been slacking.

by justbekozlowski

Well, I am now twenty-three which I have decided is the year for everything to be done. Even the things that might not need doing. I spent the last part of my last year freaking out about what comes next but in the end, I realised that I just need to do everything I want to until it all works out. There is no point worrying about all the problems that might happen if they’re not happening.


Since I have been teaching in Spain there is no doubt in my heart that I have loved the experience but as much as it is difficult I have made the decision to move to pastures afar and move on to new things. Maybe soon. How soon I have not yet figured but I am piecing these things together slowly.


The two things I have not had time for are writing and music; so the next steps I’m making, are towards allowing me to do more of those things.


It’s an exciting time where everything could potentially fly out of the window while I sleep but as long as I sleep with the most important things in my heart then they can’t blow away. And if they do, I’m going with them.


I’ve not been writing enough lately and I can’t blame my job for that. But I need a change to give myself a new pair of eyes and start again, again. There’s been a lot in my head that I would have put down and it would have helped but for anyone else it would just look like the ramblings of an idiot.


Instead I did the classic pros and cons list system in order to figure my life out. So far I’ve been sleeping like a baby and making plans. Getting a lot done and generally smiling more. I hope it isn’t temporary because I sure do like smiling.


Smiles to you all.