Pop your bubbles.

by justbekozlowski

Since being in Spain I have realised the importance of being honest. Obviously I wasn’t a compulsive liar before I got here but I did notice I held back decisions for a long time or wasn’t completely upfront about the way I was feeling or what I wanted at times.


I think the Spanish ‘bluntness’ has made me realise two things, there are some things you should keep to yourself and there are some things you have to be completely upfront and honest about. Since being transparent with people I have lost a lot of the anxiety and fear of what people will think if I say something or if I tell them something. Over time these things put you in your own little bubble and you float up, and up, and up. When that bubble pops, it leaves you unsure of where you’ll land. So I’ve started to pop bubbles.


If you have something you want to do, stop dreaming and filling your bubble with doubts.


How fun is bubble wrap?


Pop them all as quick as you can. Twist the bubble wrap and pop them all.


The sooner you speak to people about a situation or problem, the sooner it gets sorted. It’s as simple as that. What with tax rebates, gas bills and whether your bus will turn up on time; life doesn’t need more uncertainty. The things you can control, you should control.


Simples. Over and out.