These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: July, 2013


I’m off to London

to have some fundon

with a dear old friend.

We said goodbye,

it was a lie,

Turns out it wasn’t the end,

We’re going to meet

and then we’ll eat

with is new pet dog.

His name is Lenny

Not Penny or Rennie,

or Galamastrozzzmatog.

So off I go,

in the wind I blow,

to the smokiest smoke of them all.

There is a tower,

and one or two showers,

Because water in the sky must fall.

There’s a lot of people,

they often drink tea,

but only when there’s time.

In Londony London,

Big Ben is the onedon

to tell you it’s half past nine.

The clock it moves

as the hours they groove

and before you know it, it’s five.

It’s time for tea,

for you and me

and then we won’t go for a drive

because parking’s expensive

and I’m apprehensive

about congestion charges.

So we’ll catch the bus,

with a lot of fuss,

but at least we can chat on the way.

Oh, Londony London

I’m ready for fundon.

I’ll be seeing you later today.


A gorilla in a human suit.

A gorilla in a human suit,

has the flower but not the root,

Seems to be a simple fellow,

but just wait and hear him bellow,

‘Let me out’ he tries to say,

but he’s a gorilla, so he doesn’t.


I kept you all waiting

I really am sorry,

I moved back to England,

it’s quite a long story,

I had food poisoning

for nearly two weeks,

Then I moved to a house

Which is really quite sweet,

But I’ve not been too busy

to write a few words,

That idea, is quite frankly absurd

I’ve just been lazy

and unmotivated

My Great Uncle died

And he was the greatest,

So it’s been a funny old time

inside of my head,

I’ve kept my thoughts there

But now they’re here instead

I hope you understand,

Why I haven’t been writing

but now I am back,

and that is exciting.

So keep your eyes peeled,

for more of the same,

I plan to write something, every day.

Because when I do,

My head can breathe,

and I don’t really mind,

wearing my brain on my sleeve.

I said to my friend

it sometimes seems,

people like my writing,

more than they like me,

I know this isn’t true

Because I’m in my words,

and only when I share them

Can they soar like birds.

Flying around the world

Being read by strangers,

Leaves my wondering

Who reads these pages.

But I hope you enjoy

Whoever you are,

And have a nice day,

Because you’re all stars.