by justbekozlowski

I kept you all waiting

I really am sorry,

I moved back to England,

it’s quite a long story,

I had food poisoning

for nearly two weeks,

Then I moved to a house

Which is really quite sweet,

But I’ve not been too busy

to write a few words,

That idea, is quite frankly absurd

I’ve just been lazy

and unmotivated

My Great Uncle died

And he was the greatest,

So it’s been a funny old time

inside of my head,

I’ve kept my thoughts there

But now they’re here instead

I hope you understand,

Why I haven’t been writing

but now I am back,

and that is exciting.

So keep your eyes peeled,

for more of the same,

I plan to write something, every day.

Because when I do,

My head can breathe,

and I don’t really mind,

wearing my brain on my sleeve.

I said to my friend

it sometimes seems,

people like my writing,

more than they like me,

I know this isn’t true

Because I’m in my words,

and only when I share them

Can they soar like birds.

Flying around the world

Being read by strangers,

Leaves my wondering

Who reads these pages.

But I hope you enjoy

Whoever you are,

And have a nice day,

Because you’re all stars.