These words are the property of clever people. I'm just trying to put them in order.

Month: August, 2013

Three poems about pugs.

There once was a pug called pig,

He was notoriously big,

He ate lots of eggs,

And the bins at Greggs,

And that’s just why he is callled pig.


There once was a pig called pug,

Who didn’t get made into rugs,

he put up a fight,

but saw the fire light,

And bacon was served from pug.


There once was a pug called Paula,

Who wasn’t quite small, but smaller,

She had little legs,

like stumpy clothes pegs,

And stuck more on to be taller.



You know it’s been a while when you forget your password.

I am a complete liar again.


I’m not even going to say I’ll write more often because let’s face it, that didn’t work last time I wrote it.


I’ve been busy doing this, doing that, whingeing about this, doing that, having a good time.


I had two weeks off from work which were fantastic, I went to Scotland for ten days with a friend to visit the Edinburgh Fringe which was amazing. Now I’m back and I’m trying to get settled properly. My August plans were preventing me from looking for any full time work so I have come back to part-time hours in several places. Which suits me for now.


I had four interviews on Friday, I have had one offer since and I’m currently waiting to hear back from the others.


I applied to a whole bunch of jobs on a whim, and a surprising number have got back to me. I don’t yet know which I’m hoping for.


When you are waiting, all you can do is hypothesise but I think that when an offer does or doesn’t come through, you’ll find out which you were hoping for.

My friends and I were discussing what I’ll describe for the purposes of this blog as ‘the coin-flip phenomena’. For example, you have two choices; Comedy or Horror?(film), France or Spain? (holiday), or beer or wine (both?). And you have to make a decision but you’re not sure which you want. So you take out a trusty coin. Because a coin has two faces (this should be noted as the following is explained). So you flip the coin and the second it leaves your hand, you know exactly which you want. Often it will choose your less favoured option (just to teach you a lesson). Then when you try to disagree with the coin your friends will call you all sorts of names and you end up for two hours of your life hiding behind a sofa because until you flipped a coin, you didn’t realise you really fancied a comedy. Coins are two-faced.


So, if you see a man walking around the supermarket, flipping a coin but never looking at the coin’s decision. That man is probably me.


Indecision can be really tiring but also the best part about life. If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t always mean that you’re lost.