I’m back in Spain. Here are some notes I made on my trip.

Well, this is Spain take two.


It’s already been eventful enough and  I haven’t even got there yet. It’s about six in the morning and I have been awake for 23 hours in which I have taken apart my bed, put it back together and dismantled my lovely Bristol bedroom.


I’ve also caught a flight to Barcelona with Ami (accidentally), the girl who kept me sane during my five month stint in Catalunya.  this was followed by a well welcomed drinking session at the airport with Bristol/Scotland visiting, turbio guzzling and jellyfish dodging, Io. The one and only Caitlin Price who makes time fly and hours die.


I’m now alone on my first non-easyjet flight. Eyes blurry, words slurry and Spanish ringing through my ears once again. I’m happy to be here and if my journey to Santiago has anything to go by, it’s going to be a fun but bumpy ride. And that’s before I even get to Lugo.


I start training at 1500 today by which point I will have had approximately 3 hours sleep. Oh, and I have a window seat which reminds me of the most beautiful journey I had from Bristol to Barcelona. I saw a blood red sky sitting atop mountains of grey clouds which lay over a lake of deep blue upon a thick base of blue-grey clouds (I never could do a good description, even when sober). the sky was melancholy in mood but vibrant in colour. That was before I got to Barca where as we circled the city, the streetlights burned with energy and passion, ferocity and a yearning for honesty.


Back to my window seat, this plane needs no added stairs. They’re inbuilt which made me only too aware of the close proximity between one person going to sh*t and everything going in a similar direction. The staircase that lowers from the plane’s tail seems oh so secure and now everything is in Spanish so good luck understanding future blogs 🙂


                    At this point I would like to highlight the fact I had slept very little, dragged my belonging around Bristol before getting to this particular airplane. Also Caitlin brought me beer which is bound to make one slightly confused about what they are saying. Following this passage I took one of the most deserved naps I have ever had before continuing to write…


I’ve just woken up to us flying over a Spanish city I can’t help but think looks beautiful. I need more sleep,  Blue skies this morning. Can’t complain.


                     I then did all the airport stuff, and sat outside in shorts which was frowned upon by the locals who could see I was totally mad.


What a landing! WHOOEEE!!!! This place is like Lord of the Rings minus a hefty load of orcs. No one has tried to speak English to me, and the people in and around the airport have been more than helpful/friendly (I think they were both in hindsight). It’s now nearly nine, my bus to Lugo is in about 35 minutes (precisely) and I’m looking out at the most beautiful landscape of trees. I’ve just wolfed down a caffe con leche and croissant courtesy of one Miss Price (I owe you twenty euros) and I am a happy bunny. I also can’t wait to get moving to the school and see what’s going on there and crack on with training.


I have no doubt that today will be powered by mainly coffee and sheer enthusiasm. I will be dying later but in the meantime I’m excited to meet my new co-workers and new boss. It’s colder here than Barcelona but for me, that’s healthy. It’s also flipping gorgeous and I’ve not even left the airport. If Lugo is rubbish I’m definitely doing a Tom Hanks on this place and I’ll live here forever. I realise most of this is sleep deprived nonsense but right now I don’t have much more to work with (my self-awareness is reassuring). The sun is coming up over the distance and there are a few clouds in the distance but the air feels like a cool splash of water over my tired eyes and that makes me smile.