by justbekozlowski



Play me a song,

Jangle away,

don’t bang like a drum.

But who am I

to tell you your sound?

You do as you please and bang around.

If that’s what you want,

then be my guest.

Bang like a drum

and show up the rest.




You’re as loud as three cars,

I’m sure I could hear you

from up in the stars.


Tambourine! Tambourine!

follow your dreams,

What others may think doesn’t matter it seems.


Tambourine! Tambourine!

Follow your cymbals,

As you rub them together

Like thumbs in two thimbles.


Tambourine! Tambourine!

I wish you the best

You wondered so far away

from the rest.

You bang like a drum

And sing like a harp.

These things are fantastic,

and set you apart.