Catch benty doss.

by justbekozlowski

That’s all the Spanish you’re getting out of me for now.


It has come to my attention that I am in Spain once again and once again I am in Spain.


I am teaching English which is rather irresponsible of me but you have to live a little otherwise you’re just waiting for your next birthday.


So I’m back in Spain and I’m teaching English and I’ve been a busy little man moving around, breathing and speaking to people but sadly the latter is difficult. This is mainly caused by my compulsory French in secondary school. French a language spoken predominantly in France, which isn’t a bad thing but Spanish is a little more versatile.


So I’m learning Spanish. I’m trying really hard. Now I have no Spanish family around me, I have to socialise with Spanish people to get my practice. I also have to learn Spanish relentlessly so I keep having new things to say.


One hour pretty much covers most of what I know how to say. After this point I tend to buy more drinks and point at things before asking how I can say them. The other day a fly landed on my glasses and saved me from an awkward silence. Gracias, mosca.


So catch benty-doss (twenty-two and yes I know it is spelled veinte dos)  is that if I stay in, I learn more Spanish. But I can’t practise unless I go out. So I need to put all the Spanish I can find into my brain before leaving the house every day. It turns out this takes a while and involves a lot of sitting.


Sitting is boring and gives me itchy toes so I’ve started running. Then my toes stop itching and I can sit still. Then I can learn more Spanish.




Unless I’m writing blogs.