by justbekozlowski

It is movember and I am celebrating/supporting the cause by writing fifty moustache, facial hairedly or chappingly chappish poems. 


If you enjoy them, then you can donate here. mobro.co/samkozlowski

It’s as much about awareness as it is about raising money. but if you want more information then follow the link. 


This is the first poem. It is called ‘Movember’


Now it is Movember,
My challenge has begun,
To write out fifty poems,
And this is number one.

Some may be quite silly,
And others just bizarre
But it’s all for money,
and what you can give,
can go quite far.

If you can spare some money,
It doesn’t have to be a lot,
Then please do help,
Us hairy lipped chaps,
With just a pound in to the pot.

It could help a brother,
Or a father or a friend,
It could turn a life from broken, 
Into on the mend. 

So it really is important, 
To help out if you’re able. 
I’ll be here all month,
Just writing poems,
And glueing hairs on aunty Mable.