#3 ‘Let’s have a fight’

by justbekozlowski

‘Let’s have a fight’,

said one moustache to the other,

the other said ‘no thanks,

I’d rather we were brothers,

instead of running round

with a great big giant razor,

we could make a better place,

My dearest moustache Frazer’.

But Frazer didn’t like this,

he thought the mo a fool,

so he snipped his friend away,

but that just wasn’t cool.

What Frazer hadn’t realised,

was that he was only half,

his friend had been a companion

so he didn’t attract laughs,

But now Frazer sat there, all alone,

He could see just what was coming,

A razor to the face as well,

but moustaches don’t do running.

So the silly mo who hurt his friend,

Got what he had asked for,

Now he’s just some little hairs,

on the bathroom floor.