#10 moustache for all

by justbekozlowski

There once was a party,

when the night grew darker,

some pals stood around,

with a permanent marker,

one brought it to sniff,

but sneezed as it did,

and if fun was contained,

then off popped the lid.

As this young chap sneezed,

he drew a great line,

from one cheek to the other

he looked so refined.

He looked at his friends, 

and they looked at him,

they laughed off their heads

and then they joined in.

They all drew a moustache,

and larked about,

Einstein and Chaplin,

were drawn on the louts,

The most-known of tashes, 

and some newly made,

were scribbled on faces

on that fateful day,

As many hours past,

the laughter grew stronger,

their faces were silly,

but their smiles had grown longer.


So if you have friends

who like sniffing at pens,

tell them ‘you’re wasting your time,

my dear friend’


For those who have pens,

the fun never ends,

and if you do not,

then ask a friend.


A moustache for all,

your sister or brother,

you can draw them with love

then laugh at each other.