#15 Three men in a pond. (Sir Bramble)

by justbekozlowski

Three men in a pond

had a special bond,

they all went fishing together.


They stayed all night

and talk to great heights,

even in stormy weather.


They had done this for years,

and they always took beers,

but this year, they’d all gone straight edge.


When it rained and it poured,

two jumped overboard,

and the third one, he jumped in a hedge.


What they hadn’t noted,

was that they had no boatage,

and they were still sat in the car. 


So the two who had jumped,

then developed small bumps,

but the third, was the worst by far.


He would be called bramble,

and live life alone,

because other people just couldn’t love


A man with spikes

From head to toe

But then came some help from above.


One day the door knocked,

and bramble was shocked,

as there was a woman so kind,


She pruned his garden,

and mowed the lawn,

and his brambles, she didn’t mind,


She always wore gloves

and so always could love,

Sir Bramble when his two friends didn’t.


So please be careful when fishing,

that you make sure you sail so far,

so as not to find yourself in a hedge

from jumping straight out of a car.