#39 The Lady with a Moustache

by justbekozlowski

The Lady with a moustache

Was the most famous in the land

She also had the best of friends

And right by her they’d stand.

Just because she’s different

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t cry

For everyone born with a heart

Can grow tears in their eyes.

At school she had some problems

When some children called her names

So she shaved her moustache

But it just grew back again

After time she realised

That she must live this life

Tasha and all, she must be her,

And now she’s someone’s wife.

If this surprises you, I think

You read too many papers

Telling you just who to be

And things wrong with your neighbours.

But in fact the problem lies

In the content of your brain

You really must open your eyes

Or you will be to blame.