#50 My final poem of Movember

by justbekozlowski

My final poem of Movember

must be one we will remember

so I’ll try my best to make it rhyme

or we’ll forget it all the time.

I hope you found my poems funny

Or at least thought them quite good

If you did please give some money,

If you can’t then, understood.

Your cash will not be going to me

but to help many peoples’ lives,

to help them live, healthy and happy,

and live their lives for longer.

I wrote fifty poems because I wanted

to make my Movember stronger.

The first few weeks

I thought to myself

‘I think this might be tricky’.

But after twenty,

which is actually plenty,

my fingers became sticky.

Anything they happened to touch

that wasn’t my keyboard or pen

they’d want to linger

each one of my fingers

and then I’d have to unstick them again.


But I managed to do it,

it’s good for myself

but I want it to help many others,

so please do help out,

because louder we shout

when we do it and all act as brothers.





This is the page where you can donate if you want to. At the top right there’s a button to change it from Spanish to English and I’ve been told that donating is very straight forward even if your currency isn’t the euro.


All the best and thanks for reading!