A pile of toenails.

by justbekozlowski

A pile of toenails
In my bed
Could I compare them
To a horses head?

I don’t know
But I will anyway
So let’s get prepared
To compare away.

One I could kiss
The other, I couldn’t
We’ll I suppose that I could
But I’m sure that I wouldn’t.

One has hair
But is oozing with blood
The other is dry
Which I suppose is quite good.

This morning it’s Friday,
It’s been a long week
I hope that this madness
Has reached its peak.

If I find another
Of your gifts in my bed
I’ll come and leave flowers
For you instead.

Because if I leave
A trick not a treat,
Things will escalate
And problems repeat.

So thanks for the gifts
Especially the lard
But maybe next time,
Just give me a card.