Cold Feet

by justbekozlowski

When my feet get too chilly
I can look quite silly
As I wrap them both up
In a scarf.

My shoes do not fit
Not even a bit
And they get soaked right through
From the grass.

Then water gets in
Not quite under my skin
But it feels like the ice
Gets in there.

Perhaps when I leave,
I should retrieve
Not one scarf
But maybe a pair.

Some shoes would be nice
Then blocks of ice,
My feet surely then
wouldn’t become.

But my house is remote,
In fact it’s a boat,
Which explains where the water
Comes from.

Not grass as it were
But a sea I do stir
When I tickle my feet
In the water.

Not a walk in the park
But swimming with sharks,
Would explain why my legs
Are much shorter.