How lucky am I !

by justbekozlowski

How lucky am I
A man, I can’t fly
If one thing’s for sure,
It’s that one day I’ll die.

How lucky am I?
With this air that I breathe
I sleep in a bed
And don’t need to thieve

How lucky am I?
With the friends that I know
The smiles that I’ve met
Always make my own grow.
The clowns, the teachers
And each one still learning
We all become candles
But never stop burning.

How lucky am I?
This life that I live
What others don’t have
I will try to give.

A whole world of people
With beating hearts
There’s no need to fight
You don’t have to start.

Each time you feel yourself in a slump
Think of the people who make you jump
Wave your hands in the air
And dance a great jig
Because life can be tough
But it’s yours to be lived.