Venetia has a name

by justbekozlowski

Venetia has a name
It’s not a name that rhymes

Venetia has a name
And she forgets it sometimes

When she does we play a game.

Venetia has a cardigan
It’s not a cardigan that rhymes

Venetia has a cardigan
It is so white it blinds

Venetia mixes colours
In the same wash as whites

Venetia wants the cardigan
To stop being so bright

It’s brighter than me,
And maybe her as well

And when it’s clean
It doesn’t smell.

Venetia has a tidy room,
She sweeps it with a tiny broom

My room’s a mess,
But I don’t stress
Because Venetia has it worse.

Her shower overflows
So the shower goes


And if you think that’s bad,
You should see her wash her hair

It’s a pickle she lives with
And her face is brave, but these things just aren’t fair.

Venetia saves the planet
The shower makes it so

Because un Eco friendly showers
Never overflow.

The plug goes glugalug glug
and away the water goes!

So you might have a cardigan
You might even have a name

But Venetia has forgotten hers
So we’re going to play our game.