Nearly a year.

by justbekozlowski

About this time last year, I was nearing the end of my stay in Catalunya and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. It was a big decision and I was umming and ahing for months and in the end I went back to Bristol and then unexpectedly came back to Spain because I missed it so much.

During this year I have been lucky enough to get a job working with some lovely people and living in a beautiful part of the world, Galicia. It rains a whole lot but the people give of all the sunshine you need with their friendly smiles and musical voices.

So this year I have decided I want to stay here another year. I feel I have still got so much to do and see in Galicia and I have also met some brilliant people in the past few months who make me feel sure I could stay a little longer. I miss everybody back home dearly and I will be visiting them in the summer. Sadly visits to see my pals and family will never be long enough. That’s just life. Luckily we have post and the internet to help us not forget eachother.

In the summer I am also hoping to complete a part of the Camino de Santiago. I figured since I live so close it would be a fantastic way to get to know my surroundings and see the landscapes that roll past the airplane windows, first hand.

So in a year I feel a lot has changed. I’ve been keeping busy and the locals have been keeping me happy. Everyday I know how lucky I am to be here and have friends both here and at home. Albeit my friends here know a much simpler version of me as I can’t always get tithe right words out in Spanish but that’s getting easier as time goes by.

It’s my birthday in a month and people want ideas for gifts. To be honest, I’m pretty content and as such, I’m finding it difficult to think of anything apart from continued friendships and good conversations.

As my Spanish improves my English is rapidly in decline. So if these posts stop making sense that will be my brain telling you that it’s getting old and doesn’t have the electricity it used to šŸ™‚