Walky talky.

by justbekozlowski

The thing about footsteps is we can share shoes, 

But we never can share our feet, 

If you follow me, for a mile or three, 

Eventually we’ll meet. 

But, if you walk your own way, 

And if you make your own path, 

When we finish our walk, and start to talk,

We can share stories and laugh. 

And if you get lost sometimes, 

You can always call out to me, 

Because you know that I’ll be there, 

Carving your name into trees.

If we don’t share the load at all, 

The journey hardly seems fair, 

I’ll carry you so you don’t fall, 

If needs be, then all the way there. 

I think you know your real way, 

And I think you know where to go, 

If you don’t move fast, I’ll kick your ass, 

If that’s how you want to know…

You’re barking up the wrong tree, 

You’re begging to feel so free, 

If we walk a while, I’ll make you smile, 

I hope then you’ll surely see.