Christmas in Lugo.

This year I spent a great six weeks in the UK, busking the streets of Bristol and scouring every inch of Edinburgh for a bit of comedy and fun. I returned early to my place of work, Lugo, as I wanted to learn how to drive so I got the theoretical part of the exam out of the way before I started working again.

I am learning to drive because it’s something I never did when I was younger as I was too busy playing the guitar. Also, here in Galicia there’s a whole bunch of stuff to see but a whole load of no buses to get you there. As I’m here, it seems a shame to pass up the opportunity.

So I came back and I passed the theory exam which I took in English despite learning the rules in Spanish. It was a bit tricky to do so, but I learned a lot in the process.

Since then I’ve been having my practical classes with a Spanish guy who can say hello in English and I’ve not heard him speak more. It’s been tricky, not only to learn in a different language, but also to adapt my mentality towards the road, into that of a different culture with different rules and lots of signs. Turning left isn’t as easy when you need to drive on the right!

This has been by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done as I have done it in a different language and a different country. People often say ‘remember to drive on the right’ as a joke. This is a good joke but what is difficult to realise until you try, is that everything is different. The attitude towards other drivers, pedestrians and the general rules. Often I see people breaking the rules and I question my instructor. His reply is quite standard and he often tells me that unless anyone is hurt, it doesn’t really matter and people don’t really care. Police included.

So essentially I’m learning how to follow the rules, only to break them later because they don’t make a whole lot of sense.

As I’ve been doing this, a lot of my money has been disappearing from my bank balance each month and as a result, I won’t be coming home for Christmas. This is pretty sad as I can’t see my family and hang out with my brothers and the rest of my family who are cool as yoghurts that have been kept in the fridge for a long time.

But, when I do finally return to the UK, I’ll be able to drive. I can take said brothers for trips and adventures wherever they like. I can also help my mum and my sister, the former has taken me to the pub many times and I’d like to return the favour, and the latter regularly has mechanical issues with cars so often can’t get around very easily.

This isn’t a call for sympathy or anything else. It’s merely me saying that I won’t be home this Christmas, but don’t worry, because when I do come home, it’s going to be great. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has ever given me a lift anywhere because learning to drive can be tricky, and you all got me there safe and sound so good work you bunch of top bananas.

In conclusion, Ramble On and have a ruddy good Christmas as I will be doing the same. Love from Lugo.

Over and out.