A day in bed.

by justbekozlowski

A day in bed can be good for your head,
As your mind can take a walk.
If you feel alone,
You can talk on the phone,
And a partner can help keep you warm.

It’s the first of the year,
And I’m really quite tired,
But tomorrow can always be better,
Spending over fifteen hours
with these friends of mine,
Made time pass as tasty as cheddar.

Today I’m in Spain,
For how long I don’t know,
And now as I look ahead,
I see each day a step,
As my life has no lift,
I’ll smile as I carefully tread.

There’s no knowing where I’ll go
With these feet of mine,
There’s no knowing where I’ll end up,
But I’ll aim to make those around me smile,
And maybe laugh with a little luck.