For those who bared hands.

by justbekozlowski

Those who bare arms,
Use guns to speak,
Whilst those who bare hands,
Will not.

They’ll use but a pencil,
To blow your mind,
And they’ll make you laugh,
A lot.

What a day it is when guns shoot at pencils,
Not a war but a coward’s response.
This is not the work of a God but a devil,
And they must be forgotten at once.
For those who shot the guns that killed,
Knew not an ounce of love,
There’s no one coming to save them,
No land waiting up above.

So here we are left,
Pencils in hand,
The killers hide with guns.
For when laughs can provoke,
Buts of guns and not jokes,
The world is not so fun.

There’s no laugh to the lines,
Because there can’t be,
There’s no way to feel some cheer,
And here we are,
Just seven days,
Into the newest of new years.