A hole lot of trouble.

by justbekozlowski

There once was a badger,
Who lived in a hole,
He spent his whole life in there,
He hoped that one day,
The world would arrive,
And to see him outside, was rare.
Then one day there came,
A small horny goat,
Who went by the name of Trevor.
Now he doesn’t sound much,
But he had quite the touch,
When it came to being quite clever.
Trevor said to the badger,
‘Why do you wait?
Who do you hope to arrive?’
Badger said, ‘I don’t know,
But the days pass quite slow,
So perhaps I’ll start living my life’.
Now all of the things,
That badger had wanted,
All became a bit overwhelming,
He tried climbing trees,
And flying with bees,
But he found that he needed a helmet.
In the end, the badger,
Had flown the nest,
And he’d never even smiled before,
So if you feel glum,
Today is but one,
So you’d better head straight out the door.